Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts 
11:59 PM CST on Monday, March 22, 2021



The North American Artery (NAA) Society welcomes abstracts for oral and poster presentations in any area of basic, clinical or population science research including but not limited to experimental, mechanistic or intervention studies, epidemiology, biomechanical, methodological, or genetic research related to large or small artery structure and/or function, or blood pressure/flow hemodynamics in health or disease.

Please select the broad research category of your abstract and include in the cover letter:

  1. Basic science/translational
  2. Clinical/translational
  3. Population or Epidemiology
  4. Other

The NAA will provide Young Investigator Awards (1st and 2nd place) to students (undergraduate, graduate, medical students or PhD postdoc or MD fellows/residents) for the best oral abstract presentation among this group.

All presented abstracts will be published in the official program of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the North American Artery Society, scheduled for May 21-22, 2021, on the Society’s website (, but will not be published in any public journal.  Abstracts or manuscripts which have previously been published will not be considered.

Abstract Size and Presentation

  • The maximum number of words is 300 (excluding the abstract title and authors).  No figures or tables are allowed.
  • Abstracts may be reduced in size for printing, so all lettering/symbols/lines should be clear and distinct.
  • Abstracts should be typed single-spaced, with no space between title and body or between paragraphs. Please use Arial, Times New Roman and Symbol fonts only– with font size 11 point only.
  • Abstracts must be uploaded in a PC-compatible format, preferably as a Microsoft Word or PDF together with a cover letter to the link below.
  • Choose presentation preference: Oral Presentation, Poster Presentations or No Preference

Abstract Content

  • Type the title of the abstract and the presenting author’s name and affiliation in capital letters. Additional authors and their affiliations should be typed in title-case.
  • Paragraphs should use the following subheadings: INTRODUCTION, METHODS/DESIGN, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS. 
  • Define all abbreviations the first time they appear in the abstract.
  • Use only generic names of drugs.
  • Proofread the abstract carefully before submitting.

Grading of Abstracts

  • Abstracts will be scored by the members of the Program Committee based on scientific merit and written presentation. Authors and institutions will be removed to allow anonymous scoring by the Program Committee.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author by approximately April 5, 2021 via email.
  • The presenting author is expected to attend the Annual Meeting to present the abstract and pay the registration fee.
  • Six trainee abstracts will be selected for the Trainee Oral Abstract Presentation session. The remaining abstracts will be selected for either an oral or poster presentation. 

Cover Letter

All abstracts must be uploaded with a cover letter indicating the name of the name of presenting author and corresponding author (first, middle, last), Degree, Title, Institution, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, Telephone, and Email address.

The following statements and your signature must be included as part of the cover letter.

  • "The author affirms that the material submitted has not been previously published or presented at any national or international meeting, and any experimentation has been conducted according to a protocol approved by the institutional committee on ethics or, if no such committee exists, that it conforms with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association (Clinical Research.14: 193, 1966). The undersigned also certifies that all authors named in the abstract have agreed to its submission for presentation at the Tenth Annual Meeting of the North American Artery Society."
  • “I understand that my presentation will be included in the conference program and on the NAA website ( but the website will only be viewable for NAA members. I hereby grant NAA permission to publish my abstract as part of the conference materials and on their website for NAA members.”

*Note: If you do not wish to have your abstract published on the NAA website, then replace the above statement with the following: “I prefer not to have my abstract published on the NAA website”.

Submit abstract with cover letter to: